Act 1

The Weston family has just arrived at a lonely ranch outside of Tucson, where mom, Sharon, is leaving Jesse, her 16-year-old son, and Britt, her 14-year-old daughter with her brother while she weans herself from a painkiller addiction in a nearby center.  Jesse, in particular, has had it with Sharon as they family argues (Demo 1: Gotta Believe It).  After a blow-up, Sharon tries to reassure everyone that she will get the family back on track.  Her brother takes her to rehab as Jesse wanders off, disappointed at the desert-like ranch.  He finds an empty bunkhouse and Britt stumbles into it as well.  Britt finds a giant Old West toy set. She and Jesse argue about how the world of the Wild West toy set should be set up (Demo 2: Cool Place to Be).  


With a leather band that her uncle gave her, Britt touches a figurine of Buffalo Bill and he magically appears.  Bill convinces Jesse to be a part of his world. (Demo 3: Write Your Story).  Although Jesse is skeptical about the power of the band, he brings to life a young Indian girl, Crazy Pony, who is being forced to marry against her wishes.  She and Jesse have a common bond -- no one understands them. (Demo 4:  Find Your Way).


Bill is starting to wonder what the hell is going on, so Britt brings to life General Custer (Demo 5: There's No USA Without US) and, later, Geronimo.  The rivalry between the Cowboys and Indians is heating so Jesse and Britt concoct a plan (Demo 6: Keep the Peace).  For a moment, all is quite when Sharon appears, having left rehab.  She is almost convinced to return when Geronimo re-appears and Sharon follows him, remembering when she had a similar experience with the toys as a child.  Britt begs Jesse to help him talk to Sharon, but he's done with her.  And, then, Britt has had enough, too (Demo 7: Cracked and Broken).  Angrily, she brings all the toy pieces to life to create havoc.  Pow!  Black out!

Act 2

Jesse awakes in the arms of Crazy Pony.  He has been injured in a melee.  He just wants to take Crazy Pony and run away.  She has an idea (Demo 8: The Legend).  Before they can get out the door (Demo 9: Unite and Destroy), they are confronted by all-out warfare with Britt having joined the Cowboys (Bill & Custer) and Sharon siding with the Indians (Geronimo).  Jesse tries to first reason with Sharon who is content in her fantasy world (Demo 10: So Simple) and tries, unsuccessfully to reason with Britt and Bill (Demo 11:  They're Not Doing It Right).  


Jesse is lost, can't find Crazy Pony and is about to give up hope when he runs into Calamity Jane (Demo 12; No Where is No Where).  He realizes that the Westons future now lies with him and vows to fight back (Demo 13:  Belong Again).  Finally, he creates a truce among his family members, and reaching a peaceful situation magically transports the Old West characters back to the toy set (Demo 14: We Could Do Better).  Finally, Britt and Jesse have a happy moment (Demo 15:  Brother to Sis).

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